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Garage Door Repair Story

Every Friday morning Phyllis had a hair appointment. This Friday was no different. She gathered her keys, the household checkbook, her clutch and headed for the garage. She pushed the button to open her garage door and … Nothing happened.

Her routine day had all of a sudden become not so routine. Irritated, she pushed the button a 2nd, then a third time. The garage door refused to budge. Then she did what every housewife does when something in the house doesn\’t work, she called out to her hubby, Don.

Don, wondering \”exactly what now?\” sauntered to the garage to offer help and comfort to Phyllis. They have been married a long time and he constantly replied to Phyllis\’s summons. It was just one of the keys to their relationship.

He repeated Phyllis\’s effort and pushed the button a number of times himself. Darn! The garage door steadfastly refused to budge. Again he wondered \”what now?\” just this time it was directed at the garage door, not Phyllis.

Then Don observed that the two springs at the top of his door didn\’t look the same. Better examination revealed that one of the springs was broken. \”Geesh! One more repair cost! Just what I need.\” thought Don.

\”How am I getting to my hair session if the door will not open?\” asked Phyllis, \”The car is in the garage.\” She said, stating the obvious.

Don thought for a moment, then a concept flashed through his head. \”Hang on a second, I think I can open the door for you.\”

He went to the rope hanging from the garage door opener\’s track and gave it a pull. The opener system clicked and lo and behold, the garage door opener was detached from the garage door. \”Progress!\” he thought.

Then he got the garage door handle and pulled. The garage door came up to Don\’s knees.

\”Give me a hand right here, I think we can get the door open.\” stated Don. Phyllis dutifully placed both hands under the bottom of the door and lifted. Between the two of them they were able to raise the garage door as far as Phyllis could possibly reach. Enough to get the car out.

Then she let go.

Instantly the garage door crashed closed. Don, still holding the door by the handle, tumbled forward into the door, then in reverse into the car. Then he slumped to the garage flooring.

Phyllis shrieked. Don swore. At least he was still conscious, but he lay on the concrete flooring doing a mental inventory of his body parts.

After a couple of seconds, Don attempted to get up, but his back shrieked, \”Don\’t!\” Don lay between the car and the door wondering just exactly what to do next.

Phyllis didn\’t wait. She had actually witnessed Don\’s body being thrown around by the crashing door and understood he had to be hurt. Fortunately the 911 operator responded quickly and Don was quickly on the way to the medical facility. They needed to carry him through the house and out the front door to get him in the ambulance. The whole entire neighborhood watched.

The obvious lesson. Garage doors are heavy. If your door doesn\’t work, do not mess with it. Call a garage door professional.